4 Best running gadgets 2018: the top fitness tech to help you run better

Workout Gadgets

There is nothing that can be so popular in the field of exercise than Running, as it is one of the most instinctive practices known for play and exercise. In 2018, tech companies have built us gadgets that promise to help us run better and enjoy the miles even more.

Our list of the top running gadgets is beyond just trackers as they help you streamline your run in order to increase your efficiency. Without further ado, here are our top picks.


FlipBelt Running Belt

It’s one of the trending running kits among people for its indispensable value. With FlipBelt, you can keep anything and everything you need on a run. By pulling the FlipBelt tube up around your waist, you can keep everything such as phone, energy gels etc., and flip it over.

FlipBelt has adjustable straps and buckles, keep the balanced movement while you run. It comes in different sizes, ranging from a 23- to 41-inch waist.

Shapeheart Armband

Shapeheart Armband

There is no denying that carrying a phone while running is a hassle, causing a distracted focus on the fitness goal. However, unless you are purchasing the Apple Watch 3, Shapeheart Armband provides a convenient way to carry your phone as it has a magnetic case that allows you to easily detach your phone to take or make calls, capture selfies or check Google Maps. In addition, it also monitors your heart rate.

 Jaybird X3


Among all the other headphones in the market, The Jaybird X2 in-ear were widespread among runners; and we expect the Jaybird X3 to come out as a more robust version of its predecessors in nearly every way at a reasonable price.

Jaybird X3 headphones are slightly smaller, and it has a sweat-proof design that delivers you comfort and shockingly great sound on a run. Moreover, it has Bluetooth 4.1, meaning that you’ll have a longer battery life that can last through long-winded tracks with battery to spare. Also, you get a more precise control over the sound, making your running motivating than ever.

LifeBeam Vi

Jaybird X3

It is an Artificial intelligence (AI) running coach – specially designed headphones to deliver you exceptional service on a run. This technology is able to grasp your training time and provide you personalized workout suggestions as you run.

LifeBeam Vi has bio-sensing earbuds that keep the track of your speed, distance, heart rate and more. In addition, it is able to learn every aspect of your routine exercises, making you keep going and hit the gym or run as strong as you can.

Not to mention, LifeBeam Vi learns your name, tell you where you’re at, and even provide you the weather details around you, so that you can learn extra useful running tips depending upon the weather situation and location.

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