How to Build Bigger Arms: Destroy and Grow Arms the PRO Way


Have you ever met someone who doesn’t want bigger arms?

We haven’t.

Big guns are everyone’s dream and one can never be satisfied with their arms’ size. So, what to do in order to increase arm muscles and keep on packing up size in a long run? There are 7 tips to follow that will show you the right path to the gainsville. Here you go with 7 tips about how to build bigger arms:

7. Work your arms twice a week

While some people have arms-day every day, others work their guns only once a week. Neither of the approaches will lead you anywhere when you are looking to pack up on serious arm size. In order to expand those arms of yours, you’ll have to train them twice a week. Perform bicep and triceps exercises on the same day and target the same muscles another day later on in the week for maximum results.

6. Work on all arm muscles rather than curling

Bicep curls are everybody’s favorite arms exercise.

But does it work?

If it did, you wouldn’t still be looking around for ways to make your arms bigger, would you?

Your arms won’t grow unless you start putting stress on all of your arm muscles. Perform incline curls, reverse curls, preacher curls, skull crushers, rope pull downs etc. to maximize your arms’ size. Move on to the next point to learn more about how to build bigger arms.

5. Focus on Negative Motion

Nobody seems to pay any attention to the negative motion AKA concentric motion. That’s because everyone is not aware that there is a thing called negative motion which is a real difference maker. Negative motion is when you are going back to the starting part of your exercise.

This is a very critical phase in every exercise, especially when it comes to arms. There will be a great deal of difference when you give negative motion proper attention. Giving equal concentration to the negative motion will grow your arms faster.

4. Triceps make the most part of your arms – train them!

Do you know that triceps make up two thirds of upper arms? Yes it is true and due to this very reason you must work on the triceps if you really want bigger arms. You can do all the bicep curls you want but your arms won’t appear bigger if you don’t train your triceps enough. So, when you are trying to learn about how to build bigger arms, you must know that you need to train those triceps as frequently as you train your biceps.

3. Stop skipping compound exercises

Do you squat? Bench press, or dead lift? If your arms aren’t growing, you must be skipping one, or all of these three exercises. Do you know that compound body exercises release the most testosterone in the human body, allowing the entire body’s muscles to grow? You wouldn’t believe how quickly your arms will grow when you add compound exercises to your workout routines.

2. Follow a muscle gaining diet plan and stick to it

Weight lifting is about 30 percent of muscle building while nutrition is about 70. No matter how hard you work in the gym and for how many hours a day, your muscles won’t grow as much as you desire if your diet is not on-point. In order to build bigger arms, you have to shortlist the right nutrition plan, follow it and stick to it in the long run.

And yeah, make sure to have enough sleep every night so that your muscles can be repaired while you rest – the protein (Recommended Protein Source: Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard), fats and carbs will help you repair your muscles and regain your energy. This is how to build arms of your dreams.

1. Amp up those calories

Whenever you are supposed to gain size, be it in arms or any other body part, you are required to increase your calorie intake. Even if you have a little fat here and there in your body, you shall still amp up your calorie intake to give your arms enough fuel to grow. Remember, you can only get bigger arms if you have the right balance of exercise and nutrition. Amping up those calories is all about how to build arms of the hulk.

If you’ll follow the aforementioned guideline, no one can stop you from having the guns of your dreams. Not only that your arms will grow bigger than ever but without you having to go through trial and error. The best part will be that you will start seeing the difference in a short period of time. Now that you know how to build bigger arms, let the gains begin, shall we!

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