Cass Martin – Athlete of the Month


Cassandra Martin, who is widely known as Cass Martin, is your modern-day she-hulk. There have been countless muscle girls in the history of that gave not women but even men complex with their amazing size, strength and aesthetics. Cass Martin, however, is nothing like the rest of the female bodybuilders. She is not just muscular but super-strong when it comes to lifting heavy-ass weights. Plus, she is short in height, standing at 5’5″.

You must have seen Cass taking heavy-ass weights for a ride at numerous occasions, but if you haven’t, you’ll find her unleashing hell below.


Cass Martin Profile:

Occupation: Bodybuilder, Social Media Star

Weight: 125 – 135lbs

Height: 5’5 (165cm)

Date of Birth: 1988

Age: 29

Nationality: American

Past Profession: Construction Worker

Cass looks up to Jamie Eason as she is the one whose cover photo on a magazine sparked the desire in Cass to become a bodybuilder.

Another female bodybuilder Cass idolize is Dana Linn Bailey. Cass loves how Dana does not let her sexuality come in between her and her dream.

Online Sensation

Cass created her Instagram profile in the beginning of 2016, to spread her passion of fitness and show everyone what women can do. She, however, didn’t expect to receive such a crazy response from people. Soon, she became a social media fan-favorite, while many people started calling her real life Super Woman and Wonder Woman.

Cass Martin Workout Routine

Here’s what Cass Martin workout routine looks like:

  • Monday – Chest
  • Tuesday – Back
  • Wednesday – Shoulders
  • Thursday – Legs
  • Friday – Arms
  • Saturday – *Cass uses this day to strengthen up a body part that she considers weaker than others in the current times*
  • Sunday – Rest

Cass Martin Bodybuilding Diet

Cass Martin diet is pretty simple. Cass eats everything that is clean and stays away from deep fried stuff and everything that is high in calories. Cass keeps her diet protein-enriched (Recommended Protein Source: ELIMINATE: Post Workout Formulawhile balancing healthy fats and carbs for the energy that she needs for her monstrous workouts.
Today, Cass Martin lives a super-muscular, aesthetic, yet healthy and feminine life that differentiates her from the rest of female bodybuilder community. Cass Martin’s journey has just started and we wish her all the best for her future endeavors.

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