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You must have seen a lot of transformations throughout your life but here’s one that’s gonna have you sit yourself down and think it’s about time you take your health seriously too. Today, on Planet Gainz, the Fitness Motivation of the Month is Chris Taylor, from United Kingdom.

A kid, who was nothing different from others, got bullied and picked up on by everyone just because he was over-weight. Chris though didn’t accept to live this way. He decided to change his body and began his journey that looked almost impossible and lost over 9 stone. Today, Chris is a fit individual, who is living the best time of his life.

We approached Chris for a brief interview via Instagram and we were interviewing him in no time. Check out the interview and learn all about Chris and his journey to greatness.

When did you figure out you want to transform yourself and move into the healthy direction? When was it and what was the core reason behind it?

I was heavily picked on at school as a child. I was just over 25 stone, I just had enough about the age of 18 I started to hit the gym. I lost A LOT of weight and went really thin. Being so thin didn’t fit my big frame so decided to train to build muscle. Every morning I wake up and look on the mirror, I tell myself I will (no matter how tired I am) continue to better myself and prove to the bullies I can do it and the confidence boost was amazing.

What drives you to hit the gym every day and train? What are a few things that you would say are critical to stay consistent?

Set an alarm the night before. Make sure if your working like I am most days you get up before or after work and take that 45 mins – 1hr to train each day! Nobody can make you do it! You need to be focused and determined to do it.

What difference did you experience after you got slimmer and better looking than before? Did people start treating you differently?

I made a lot more friends gaining muscle from the gym to the streets. People see your hard work and most appreciate what it takes!

What does a regular day in life look like?

I wake up 7am hit the gym, go home, get changed and go to work. I don’t have loads of time or spare time in work to eat the way I want to but it’s moving in the right direction.

Share something about your family/love life. What was the reaction you got when you started losing all that weight and getting on to the fitter side of you?

I was with a girl at the time who got very jealous as I was losing weight. She didn’t like the sudden attraction I was getting from females as they wouldn’t even look at me before and would go like “oh look at the size of that guy”.  It’s funny how people look differently at you as soon as you are according to their set standards, yet, you were always the same guy underneath!

Tell us about your trainings. What are u most inclined towards; strength training, heavy lifting, cardio, or a combo of all? And do you have your workout schedule written somewhere that you can share with our readers?

I don’t go by a routine down the gym. I obviously train all of my body parts but I just get in there lift heavy and get out. I do cardio only a couple of times a week for around 20 minutes but that’s it. After the weight loss (which was mainly cardio) I just train to gain now! I want muscle and I’m addicted to achieving it.

Make sure you keep your body guessing. Heavy weights, low reps, Light weights, high reps and so on.

Why do you think tattoos and bodybuilding/fitness go hand in hand? I personally think my ink drives me to improve myself, to be a badass on round the clock basis and it represents me. What are your thoughts?

Tattoos are another way of expressing yourself or displaying artwork. I love my tattoos and yeah your right seeing a tattoo on skin when it’s flexing or muscular it’s just a good thing.

Any message for Planet Gainz readers?

Yeah, Stay Positive, Believe in yourself, and most importantly; DON’T QUIT!Top of Form

Chris Flexing His Toned Biceps

Chris Shares His Protein-Enriched Meal

Chris Taylor Transformation – Before and After Photos

Chris Enjoying Family Time

Chest Day Baby!

Chris Enjoying Life with Friends

We hope that Chris Taylor’s journey motivated you to bring the change in yourself too. Don’t forget to follow Chris on Instagram

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