How to Get Rid of Workout Hangover


Waking up with a sore body, stressed joints and headache is a feeling most bodybuilders have experienced. We call them workout hangovers. Many people think get worried upon experiencing workout hangovers as they think if working out is making them feel worst in the mornings instead of giving fresh and healthy feels than there is something wrong with them.

However, the wrong is not with them but with their workouts and overall day to day routines. When a bodybuilder trains hard, the natural recovery curve gets upset and leave the person in a state of fatigue, a feeling like getting hit by a truck. There are quite a many reasons why a body builder faces this kind of hangover, some of which include; 

  • Lack of sleep
  • Improper nutrition
  • Absence of pre and post workouts
  • Lack of protein in the diet
  • Lack of essential vitamins
  • Improper resting/sleeping environs

Here’s how to take care of that workout hangover of yours:

How To Get Rid of Bodybuilding Hangover:

Every Day Shouldn’t Be the Beast-Mode Day

I understand that you want to go beast-mode on those dumbbells and barbells, every day, but doing that will be a mistake. Doing extremely tough workouts few days a week is fine but 6 days of body demolition is straight up torture to the blessing God has given you. Your body isn’t made to be broken down every day. You can only recover so much, so be sure to go easy on yourself at least 2, 3 days a week. 

Don’t Let Your Emotions Drive Your Workouts

Going through a breakup?

Just got divorced?

Lost the job you totally loved?


Your parents hate you ‘coz you are a rebel?

Or, angry on the world for your own reasons, whatever the case is, I, personally, have been there.

Use your failures to push you towards success but don’t let them drive you. Take out your anger and frustrations on your workouts but be always in control. If you can not do a 50lbs barbel curl, then don’t do a 50lbs barbel curl. Do only as much as you can safely do. Do not let the bad things make you injure or over-stress your mind and body. Period.

Don’t Overuse Pre-Workout Stimulants

Yeah yeah, I know you love the pre-workouts, and how they give you the power boost to go super Saiyan and this and that and what not. But listen, pre-workouts stimulants are there to stimulate your central nervous system and that is what is not supposed to be stimulated everyday for every workout. So, give that shit a break already! Make habit of only using a pre-workout when you really need it. I, for example, keep my preworkout in my gym bag, but only use it when I have had a long day at office and on the roads being stuck in the traffic, ‘coz otherwise I don’t need it. Pre-workouts can be very harmful to health, take 2 or three scoops per serving and learn for yourself. They are one of the reasons behind your workout hangovers.

Make Sleep A Priority

Sleep my friend, sleep, as it is the only thing that is gonna help you recover your muscles and get you the gainz you have been chasing! If you won’t take a proper sleep of at least 8 hours, not only you would see the muslce gains you are after but you might start losing your muscle mass because in this scenario the whole workout-minus-sleep becomes counter-productive.

Friends calling to join them at the bar?

Girlfriend’s asking for a night out?

Don’t want to miss the latest episode of your favorite TV show?

Screw everything! Go to the bed! Never forget; It’s all about them gainz! So that’s it. 

That’s all you must do to avoid bodybuilding hangovers. Go hard, but don’t go nuts. Take care of that body and let them gainz begin!

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