How to Get Bigger Biceps – Top 7 Bicep Growth Tips


Biceps don’t grow on trees, but you wish they did. There is more than providing your biceps the muscle stretch, pump and nutrition when you need your biceps to get bigger than ever. This article will give answer to the most common question; How to get Big Biceps.

Here’s the top 7 tips that will teach you how to get bigger biceps:

7. Do no shy away from barbel curls

Yes, barbel curls are harder to perform as they don’t allow you to swing your arm according to your comfort like you do while doing dumbbell curls, but that doesn’t mean you should skip this exercise. Barbel curl is the single most effective exercise that give you the maximum bicep gains.

6. Stop doing those dumbbell curls already!

I know that the regular dumbbell curl is your favorite exercise because it hell lot of fun to perform, but you are missing out on many other crucial exercises because of it. Sort out some new bicep exercise variations and techniques and forget about dumbbell curling for a while.

5. Hit your arms with different angles

To make your biceps grow, you’ll have to perform various exercises to hit all the bicep muscles. Add inclined bicep curls, cable curls (using rope), manual preacher curls and spider curls to shock your muscle and make it grow. Do this and you would no longer have to ask how to get big biceps.

4. Utilize the pyramid technique 

Pyramid technique is one of the best techniques when you have hit the plateau or are never satisfied with your muscle gains. This technique will help you switch the rep ranges and weights to not only shock the muscle but to also reach muscle failure for maximum pump and growth.

3. Your nutrition is lacking the pre and post carbs

Biceps get a better pump when the blood flow is good in the arm. You are going to need a lot of energy to push your arms towards the sickest pump and for that you need carbs. Be sure to chug in a pre-workout drink that would give your arms enough carbs for the energy and muscle recovery.

2. The fat is obstructing the muscle gains; eliminate it!

Do you know that body fat creates a hindrance in the muscle gain process? Beware that the more fat your body has the harder it is for you to gain muscle, or to have the muscles visible. If you really want to know how to get bigger biceps or how to get bigger guns, as you may call them, Be sure to drop body fat to see the muscle grow faster and cleaner.

1. Triceps are 2/3 of your arm, focus on them!

They keep asking how to get bigger guns but keep on bicep curling day in, day out. They forget about training triceps as much as they train biceps. Remember, tricep muscles are 2/3 of your arm so train them intensely if you are really serious about growing your biceps.

Now you know how to get bigger biceps. So get to work and utilize all the aforementioned tips to get your biceps bigger than ever!

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