How to Stay Shredded During Coronovirus Quarantine


As more and more people realized the Coronovirus pandemic is here to stay for a while, the stress started rising about how would fitness enthusiasts stay fit while staying away from the gym. Smart Fitness gurus started working out at home with whatever they had available before we knew it. Here’re tips from the fittest athletes from around the world make the most out of what you already have to not only stay healthy but get even more muscular and athletic during Coronavirus Quarantine:

  1. Christian Fleenor

Christian is all about body weight exercises. His no-weight ab workouts are called ab burners from the hell. He prefers calisthenics over standard bodybuilding and he keeps on working on the techniques to perfect the art. If you don’t have any gym equipment whatsoever, follow his ab workout today!

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  1. Kane McEvoy

Kane recommends performing what she calls an Iso Workout:

Add a chair to perform a number of mas building exercises. Use chair for DB RDL to Bent Over Row x 12

  • Chair Dips x10; then One Leg Elevated x 10
  • DB Lateral to Front Raise x 12
  • DB Alternating Lunges x 20
  • Chair v ups x 12

Complete one set of each with no little to no rest and repeat. I do 10 rounds.

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  1. Ashley Horner

Ashley believes more in body weight exercises rather than hitting heavy weights in the gym. She does like cross-fit style training but she spends more time running outdoors, spending quality time with her family and pet at the beach and keeping herself healthy eating the right food. Currently she is supporting resistance band-based trainings, which are considered to be the most-suitable for the quarantine phase.

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  1. Jessica Griffith

Jessica would pick anything up that’s heavy in order to perform an exercise that would pump up her muscles, as you can see in her latest Instagram post. However, she said “Now that you’ve had a week or two to figure out your home workouts, next stop? FOOD!!”. She equally believes in the importance of healthy food, which is why she recommends healthy diet while supporting heavy lifts inside and outside of the gym.

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  1. Preyanka

Preyanka is a rising start from India. She is an Influencer & Content Creator, who is breaking the stereotypes in her community by sporting a healthy lifestyle and taking her workouts to the outdoors.

Don’t let Corona mess up with your goals. Keep the grind up! For good things come to those who have patience and are consistent. She said in her recent IG Post: “Here’s a quick full body circuit that y’all can do at your homes or your nearby park.” As she demonstrates how to do a number of effective exercises without any weights in a regular park.

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You can take your home workouts up a notch by becoming part of the viral “pushup challenge”, “one legged plank” challenge and so on. You can create a challenge on your own too to push not only your own limits but to promote healthy lifestyle amongst your friends on the Instagram.

Have a shredded and safe quarantine time!

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