Bodybuilding Machine Adjustments, Body Mobility and Injuries – Gym Mistakes Series


Today, in the Gym Mistakes Series, we are talking about lifters not adjusting machines according to their body, its importance and expected scenarios.

Available Bodybuilding Machine Adjustments

Almost every bodybuilding machine and equipment can be adjusted to certain limits. While a lot of people have a similar height, many are extra ordinary tall or too short. If a person of different body measurements than you performed a set on a shoulder press machine (or any other body building machine) then you must adjust it before starting your set. If you won’t adjust the body building machine accordingly, you won’t be able to perform the exercise properly.

Possible Outcomes Upon Failing to Make Required Adjustments 

What would happen if you don’t adjust the bodybuilding machine before working out is your body will be in discomfort as it will either not be getting a complete range of motion or getting stretched beyond your comfort. As a result, you will not get the best results from your workouts, and instead of getting the gains and you might actually end up injuring yourself.

What kind of Bodybuilding Machines can be Adjusted? 

It is not just the exercise machines that you can adjust but the seats of these machines as well. There are levers and other hooks to adjust the seat of a particular machine as well as its back (and even front in many machines, seated preacher curl machine, for example). These adjustments are provided so that each individual can use the bodybuilding equipment in the most proper manner possible without putting unnecessary pressure or stretch on the body parts.

So, adjust each bodybuilding machine before performing your set and if don’t know how to, ask a trainer about how to do it. It would take two to three seconds and your sets will get better in terms of body comfort and eventual gains – after all, it’s all about them gainz!

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