Poor Gym Etiquette – Gym Mistakes Series


Some etiquette you learn at home, some you’ll have to learn at the gym. Some say etiquettes are easier to learn and follow when you are younger but I disagree. As an adult, you don’t have to practice good etiquettes but all you have to do is to just learn about them once and you will be following them forever. Same case is with the gym etiquettes.

Now there are a lot of gym etiquettes that every gym-goer must follow, and that’s what we are discussing today in the Gym Mistakes Series.

That Sweat of Yours Ain’t Nobody’s Delight

Let’s start with the most basic ones, first one being;wipe your sweat off of the equipment once you are down with your set. Nobody wants to lay down on the bench and perform their chest presses while the bench is cover with someone else’s sweat, would you?  

You Don’t Own the Gym, So Don’t Act Like You Do

Do not act like you own a certain piece of gym equipment. Every gym member has the right to use all the equipment just as you and so you should get away from the machine, bench etc, if someone is standing by you, waiting to perform their set after you. If you are on the only squat rack your gym has, offer others to perform alternate sets so that nobody has to wait for centuries to do their squats or bent over rows, or whatever it is that they want to do in the squat rack (don’t let them use the squat rack if they want to bicep curl in it *laughs*).  

Re-Rack Those Weights God Dammit!

Re-rack those weights! Yes, once you have used a pair of dumbbells or weight plates, put them back to where they belong; in the weight racks. Nobody wants to clear the area after you leave those heavy-ass weights once you got done with your ‘badass’ sets. If you really are a badass, you will re-rack everything before moving your ass to the next exercise area. There are many more gym etiquettes that Planet Gainz’ readers must learn about, so there’s going to be another post covering more of them soon.

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