PWE – Pro Wresling Comes to Pakistan

It is a moment of joy and pride for Pakistani wrestling fans as pro wrestling has just debut in Pakistan under the name PWE: Pro Wrestling Entertainment. When the news was first broke a few months ago, nobody believed that pro wrestling can come to Pakistan. Nonetheless, the history has just been made as the first ever PWE event has been held in Karachi, the capital of Pakistan.

I got the opportunity to not only be there at the PWE Karachi event as an attendant but as the guy covering the event for social media. In the process, I not only enjoyed all the wrestling matches and crowd’s reaction, being amongst them, but also got an opportunity to meet the wrestlers backstage after the show.

People Behind the Show
While there is a whole team that made PWE Pakistan a possibility, the man who decided to do the unthinkable is the PWE CEO Syed Asim Ali Shah. A few weeks prior to the big event in Pakistan, Shah landed in Pakistan along with numerous wrestlers to promote the event. The very first PWE athletes to visit Pakistan with Shah included Tiny Iron, Baadshah Pehalwan Khan (who is also one of the guys behind giving shape to the dream of bringing pro wrestling in to Pakistan) and Bambi Killer.

Participating PWE Wrestlers

There are 20+ wrestlers taking part in the PWE Pakistan event. All the wrestlers are from different countries and have competed in various wrestling promotions including WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, WWE NXT and Lucha Underground. As Wade Barrett said at the beginning of PWE Pakistan event “All these 20 wrestlers are world’s finest pro-athletes”, Pakistani fans were pumped up to see them all in action. Here’s the list of some of the many wrestlers who came as PWE wrestlers to promote pro wrestling in Pakistan:

Carlito – Puerto Rico
Wade Barret – UK
Tiny Iron – UK
Baadshah Pehalwan Khan – Pakistan
Bernard Vandamme – Belgium
Yasine Osmani – Algeria
Bambi Killer – Australia
Jake Omen – Indiana
Tango Tim – Europe
Betty Trash – Europe
Zefy – Zaire
Aaron Rammy – Belgium

The Referee, Ring Announcer and Ringside Commentators
Melissa Santos is the official ring announcer for PWE, while Jonny Loquasto and Flesh Gordon are the commentators.

Crowd’s Reaction
many people speculated that Pakistani fans are not as energetic as fans from around the world. Even the wrestlers were not sure what kind of reaction will they get as they will make their appearances in Karachi, for their first ever PWE Pakistan wrestling matches. However, not only the wrestlers but the ringside commentators were also in a shock to see the Pakistani attendants trembling the entire stadium with their loud cheers and chants.
Some of the loudest crowd chants include:

“This is awesome!”
“Pakistan Zindabad!” (Long Live Pakistan)
“Thankyou Barrett!”
Wade Barrett was totally overwhelmed by the response he received. Barrett mentioned right there in the ring that he has traveled around the world and wrestled in dozens of countries but never got a reaction and love like this anywhere else. He even posted the following Tweets later on:

Press and Media Coverage
About 20 news channel teams were there to cover the PWE Karachi event and will be covering the upcoming Islamabad and Lahore events as well. There was a separate gallery for the TV Media personals from where they shot the entire event to broadcast later on, on their channels. PWE events are not being broadcasted live to ensure the maximum number of people buy the tickets and show up in person to support the event. Apparently, there has been a lot of investment put to turn the dream of bring pro wrestling to Pakistan a reality.

PWE Pakistan Events Schedule

Here are the details of the upcoming PWE Pakistan events:

If you are in Pakistan, or planning on visiting during the event dates, grab your tickets from here.

Let’s see who wins the first ever PWE World Heavy Weight Championship!

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