How Soon After a Workout Should I Eat


Mike J asks:

How soon after a strength training workout should I eat? Also, what kinds of foods are ideal as post-workout meals?

Our Expert’s answer:

Studies suggest that the sooner you have your post-training mea, the better, but this topic is debatable. According to the general belief, the ‘window of opportunity’ is half an hour to one hour after the workout session. Try making a routine that allows you to consume your post workout meal as soon as you can.

Fast digesting carbs and proteins are perfect for post-workout meal. There are many healthy options that provide good ratio of cabs, protein, and also good fats such as sweet potato, oats, chicken, banana and egg whites.

If your post workout meal is your last meal of the day, decrease carbs and increase protein. It is highly advised that you consume whey isolate instead of regular whey for optimum results in terms of strength recovery, muscle gain and fat loss.

If you don’t have quick access to food, opt for a good protein powder to get immediate recovery. If your goal is to gain lean muscle without worrying too much about body fat, we’ll recommend a weight gainer (Recommended: Serious Mass ). However, if you are making the weight gainer shake in a blender, at home, it is advised that you include berries, banana, peanut butter and oats to the shake to increase the calorie count and improve the results.

Try to have your muscle meal before your 60-minute window closes down so that you can get the most out of your strength training or muscle building workouts.

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