Spencer Frohlich – Raw Athlete of the Month

Spencer Frohlich

Team Planet Gainz has introduced and interviewed some of the most motivational fitness enthusiasts in the past few weeks, including Shelace Shoemaker and Chris Taylor. Today, we are interviewing a guy who is all about moving forward towards his goals with a never-give-up attitude. Brace yourselves, residents of Planet Gainz, we introduce to you the Raw Athlete of the Month, Spencer Frohlich.

Spencer loves to lift, run, cook and read. What else he likes? Find out as we sit down with him and ask all kinds of questions you’d love to get the answers of.

Q1: When did you get in to the fitness scene and why?

Got into fitness last year of highschool. I needed some sort of outlet of life. Life at that time was rough for me, was going through certain situations. Once I picked up my first pair of dumbbells, it opened a whole new world to me.

Q2: What was your fitness goal then and what is your goal now?

Back then I wanted to just get more size and bulk up since I was roughly a skinny teen. I kept eating and eating the right foods in order to get me where I am today. My goal now is to actually keep as much size as possible but also have a very thin waist. I am looking to compete during 2017 in Classic Physique.

Q3: What drives you?

Knowing that when I do compete, I will have to be in the best shape possible in order to win or even place. I am a competitive person, and will always go the extra mile in order to achieve my goal.

Q4: What does your workout regime look like?

I workout no less then 5 days a week. Hitting and isolating muscle groups, as well as doing the stair master after every lift.

Q5: Favorite body part to train? And why?

Either shoulders or back. I like both of those as I get great pump on both of these muscle groups. Besides, these two muscle groups are the ones that I want to improve the most as well.

Q6: Tell us about your diet

Eat clean for the most part. Have carbs in every meal except when its close to going to bed. It consists of chicken, turkey burgers, skirt steak, rice, whole wheat pasta & more.

Q7: What is your go-to bodybuilding website?

I personally go to YouTube to check out the latest info and updates on the pro bodybuilders. However, if I were to order off of a website, it would be bodybuilding.com.

Q8: What do you think about planetgainz.com? And how do you feel being interviewed to feature as Raw Athelete of the Month?

I like the website! Never heard of it before to be honest, but I will check on the site daily now! & I feel honored to be featured as the Raw Athelete of the Month! Means a lot and reminds me to keep pushing hard in the gym and in my every day life.

 2016 1st Phorm Athlete Search Video

Spencer introduces himself on his YouTube channel and tells that he won’t talk about what he ‘can’ do, but what he ‘will’ do.

Q9: What’s your message or advice for PlanetGainz readers?

My message would be, no matter what you do in life, bodybuilding, power-lifting, crossfit or even your daily activities; give 110% into everything you do. Everyone eventually notices your work when your heart is in what you are doing. And it shows that you are passionate and dedicated to what you are doing at the time!

We hope that our Raw Athlete of the Month gave you the motivation to begin or intensify your fitness journey. Don’t forget to tell us about it in the comments section below.

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