How to Stay Lean and Muscular Over Christmas and New Year


The month of December is here. Yes, it is the season of holidays, fun and family time. But, it is also the season of eating, eating and more eating. Result? Unwanted weight gain, which is mostly consisted of fat.

We are aware that you have started panicking as you foresee that you will gain all the unwanted fat and lose the muscle mass, specially the definition or aesthetics within these few weeks of holidays. And quite frankly, gaining fat and going out of shape is inevitable as you aren’t just going to spend Christmas Eve, followed by Christmas Day and New Year but also the Boxing Day and the obligatory New Year’s Eve blowout, away from the gym and on a bad, excess-calorie diet.

But, none of this means that you should give it all up and let yourself drown into the carb-loaded, fat-filled foods and drinks of holidays. You would be surprised to learn that you CAN hold on to your muscle mass and even a flat stomach (if not your six pack abs), because it is very much possible. There are only 7 things you need to follow in order to stay lean and muscular over Christmas and new year holidays:

Keep your protein high even while the carbs are higher

Your carb intake will stay high throughout the holidays and there is almost no way to avoid this. What you can do, though, is to keep your protein intake high during the holidays. A good protein to carb ratio will help you achieve your goal of staying in a great shape throughout these holidays. While carbs give you energy to get going with the Christmas and new year activities, the protein will help you retain the hard-earned muscle mass.

Or drink ON Gold Standard Whey Protein Shake everyday to keep your protein levels up without having to worry much about protein-enriched foods.

20 minutes of body weight exercising is more than sufficient

Your body doesn’t ask a lot from you. If you will dedicate only 20 minutes to your body every day, it will thank you once the holidays are over. Imagine yourself looking at your body in the month of January and saying “damn! I managed to stay lean and muscular even after eating and drinking so much over these holidays!” Yes, that’s exactly what’s gonna happen. Just follow a nice bodyweight workout and stick to it throughout the holidays. You may add a few more sets or even double the routine if your body requires it.

Got no clue about what workout to perform? Try FLYBY:


Or follow Christmas Rockout Plan:


Workouts source:

Post-Meal Green Tea is your best friend over holidays

I cannot stress out more on the magic green tea can do for you. Green tea detoxifies the body while helping the immune system get stronger. Green tea will also normalize your metabolism and not let it get slow as a snail during the holidays, which means you’ll win half the battle already! Drink at least one cup after each meal to help your digestive system cope up with the extra calories and fats until you get back to the gym in January.

A good fat-burner helps you keep away from unwanted belly fat

If you think nothing else would work and despite of doing everything you’ll still gain some body fat during the Christmas holidays, then it is advised that you make use of a good fat burner (Recommended fat burner: Cellucor Fat Burner). A fat burner will help you eliminate those unwanted calories’ effects from your body so that you can stay lean. Below are some more best-selling fat burners with Christmas Discounts.

Utilize family time to burn those extra calories

it is finally the holidays you and your family have been waiting for all year long. You are going to want to make use of every of your holidays’ second to have a blast. So, while you are at it, include tons of physical activities that won’t just bring joy to your family’s holidays but also make each one of you fitter. List down both indoor and outdoor activities beforehand so that you don’t have to waste time coming up with ideas during the holidays. You can also make a schedule of activities to plan everything out perfectly!

Prepare Holiday Meals Beforehand Just Like Non-Holiday Days

If you have been able to prepare and consume bodybuilding meals throughout the year, why can’t you over the holidays? Yes, Christmas and new year holidays are some of the busiest holidays but you have to do what you have to do. You want to stay lean and muscular and not get fat over these holidays, right? So just put in some additional work now and your body will thank you later. Besides, you can easily do meal prep for a whole week in advance so there is no reason to whine.

Drink Lots of Water (Yes, it will work wonders)

Not only that water intake helps our immune system against many diseases but it also keeps us hydrated even on our roughest and toughest days. While you get tons of benefits from water and stay fit with it, use the trick of drinking a lot of water before the big holiday dinners. How to drink more water is a skill that must be learned. The pre-meal water intake will fill you up so much that you will eventually end up eating less, which means consumption of lesser calories!

That was all you needed to know in order to stay lean and muscular, avoid gaining weight and/or maintaining muscle mass. Happy Holidays!

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