Top 7 Reasons to Love Dana Linn Bailey


She led a soccer team for West Chester University as a starting defender and to help it move to the NCAA’s and playoffs. Along with her husband, she runs her own clothing line called Flag Nor Fail. She is an IFBB professional athlete, a business owner, a sponsored athlete and the first ever physique Ms.Olympia. Yes, I am not talking about anybody else but the super-sexy, most-adorable badass ever, the iconic, Dana Linn Bailey.

There are many figure competitors and female body builders out there but Dana is the best of the best, hands down. Today, we are looking at the top 7 reasons to love Dana Linn bailey. I could list more than a dozen as her die-hard fan, but 7 sounded like a sane number so here it is.

8. She’s Always a Delight to Watch

Dana is completely different from most of the other female fitness models and body builders. She is different from the fitness models for many reasons. She doesn’t put on makeup, do her hair or even dress up to look sexy. She just puts on a pair of shorts, sports bra and a tank top and starts lifting. She also lifts double weight than any of those fitness chicks as well as body builders.

While she is a complete badass and no-fucks-giver, she makes sure that none of her workouts become boring. She is always a delight to watch as she cracks jokes, dances, sings and plays with her pets (yes her pets are around her in the gym while she workouts!) throughout her workout sessions. No matter how many workout videos of her you watch, you can never get enough of her.

Dana having fun during her workouts:

7. Dana Linn Bailey Loves Animals

Dana Linn loves animals and that’s not a hidden truth. You regularly see her pets running around in her gym while she workouts. That’s another reason to love Dana.

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6. She’s so Successful and Famous but Still So Humble

Success changes people, especially if it is too much too handle, but not to Dana Linn Bailey. Dana has been successful for many years now and she never allowed fame to get to her head. She doesn’t meet a lot of people but she is always humble when she does. You can see how nicely she treats her peers and fans in her videos, to a point people get crazy about her. Her meet-and-greet sessions are totally awesome where there are long ques of people waiting just to see her or get a selfie with her and she meets each one of them and in the nicest way possible.

Check out one of her interviews where she is her usual humble self:

5. Dana is a Prime Example of What Women Can Do

Though Dana is not the only female body builder out there but without a doubt she is one of the best. She took her fitness and strong body to the next level and impressed the whole world by competing in the American Ninja Warrior. Though she didn’t last long in the game, she still earned the respect. Dana, indeed, is a prime example of what women can do if they are self-motivated and determined towards a goal.

Dana Linn Bailey motivation video:

Here’s another finest one of Mrs. Linn Bailey:

4. Her Videos are Highly-Motivational

Dana’s workouts are insane. You can see her lifting weights heavier than most of the huge male body builders. There are many videos on the internet in which you can see her working out with the best of the best male athletes. She has even done workout videos with Kai Greene and CT Fletcher where she is completely dominating by doing heavy-ass sets alongside the mass monsters.

3. Dana has Come a Long Way

Dana started competing in the IFBB with no hopes of winning it. Even when she won it, she was still in disbelief. She started competing in the Figure shows but couldn’t win it as she was told by everyone that she was too big to win the Figure competition. Then was introduced the Women’s Physique Division. So she went for her first Physique show that was held in at JR. USA’s in Charleston, SC, in 2011. She finally won and brought in the gold. Her journey is truly inspiring.

2. She is an Inspiration to All

It’s not only that Dana inspires everyone that loves body building but her husband too. Rob Bailey published a video named “MY WIFE INSPIRES ME | Rob Bailey” on Sep 18, 2014 with the following caption: “Dana, tmrw is the day. You know win or lose I am beyond proud of you.

“You inspire me. You keep me true to who I am. You show me that I can make any dream I have come true. You stand beside me even when I fuck everything up. You have the world’s attention bear, you know what to do…”


Here’s the vid:

1. She is the Very First Women’s Physique Pro in the NPC/IFBB history

You do know that DLB won the Women’s Physique Pro but do you also know that she didn’t only win her class but won the ‘overall’ and became the very first women’s Physique Pro in the NPC/IFBB history. No wonder people love and admire DLB!

Disclaimer: Photos used in the banner collage are Dana Linn Bailey’s property, and are taken from various photo sharing sites.

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