Top 7 Shoulder Workout Videos on YouTube


There are hundreds of thousands of videos on the internet claiming to be providing the best shoulder workout plans, exercises, techniques, shortcuts and tricks. Are all of them what they claim to be? Of course not. The best of the best are here, courtesy of Watch the best shoulder workout
videos now and let them deltgainz begin!

1. Calum Von Moger’sDelt Demolition Workout by

Our favorite muscle monster, Calum Von Moger is here taking his own delts through the process of demolition.

2. 5 Shoulder Exercises You Should Be Doing by Steve Cook

Steve Cook may be known as the pretty boy but not in the gym. When he works out there is nobody rougher than him. Here, in this shoulder workout video, he teaches you 5 exercises for shoulder muscle growth.

3. Sergi Constance – How get a shredded shoulders workout by Sergi Constance

Sergi Constance is presenting a different approach to get shredded shoulders instead of buked up deltoids.

4. Rear Delt Exercises-3 Killer Exercises by Damien Patrick

A lot of people totally skip or ignore rear delts and without the rear delt development it is impossible to get well-rounded shoulders. Here’s how you work
the rear delts out.

5. Shoulder Workout with CT Fletcher by Strength Project

This one is not for learning or following purposes but just for the inspiration. CT Fletcher is one crazy M Effer and you don’t wanna walk in his shoes.

6. Boulder Shoulders | Chest Chiseled (50 REPS!) by ATHLEAN-X™

When it comes to the toning of various body parts, there is no one better than Jeff from ATHLEAN-X to teach you how to go about it.

7. Destroying Shoulders | Calum Von Moger by Calum von Moger

Here’s another video of CalumVonMogerdestroying shoulders, ‘coz why not.

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