technology and fitness
Technology and Fitness

This is irrefutable that technology often gets the blame for the inactive lives many people are leading. Nevertheless, this is obvious that our phones, television, tablets etc., don’t have to be a law to sit still. In fact, many successful people believe that technology can act as a motivator, making us fit and healthy. Also, according to a recent survey of exercises, it is found that exercises with the support of technology consider themselves to be more success achiever in terms of weight and fitness goals.

In this article, I have mentioned few technologies to lead a healthier life:

If we can take out the most recognized health measuring technology in a decade, it’s a heart rate monitor. It helps you monitor different body movements and their impact on your heart during workouts. Today, there are several cardio machines featuring an embedded heart rate monitor that help you understand how hard you are hitting the gym. In addition, we have few latest equipment that allows you to monitor your heart rate for indoor workouts. Not to mention, the highest rate of your heart beat in a minute plays a key figure in defining your training intensities. Also, you can use your heart rate to develop steady-state workouts, which helps improve and strengthen the cardiovascular fitness.

After heart rate monitor, the next high-demand product in fitness technology is wearable monitoring devices. And the good thing about wearable fitness tech is, they are designed and created in the form of bracelets to take a step ahead than traditional heart rate monitors.

What made wearable the bestselling product among fitness lover is that they can be worn at all times, measuring your movements, heart rate, calories burned, and even blood oxygen levels. In addition, this wearable sync with iOS and Android apps so as to help you track statistics over time.

Therefore, it is recommended to invest in these tools and see your results over time.

There are few apps that help you track nutrition intake, set meal plans, calorie counting. Finding options that perfectly fit with your lifestyle and help you learn more about your food to create a healthier diet focus. There is no denying that meal tracking has been considered a technique for improving eating patterns and lifestyle. Today, we have apps that feature a rich database of foods and their nutritional values in order to help you sync with Life Fitness cardio equipment.

Lastly, I have mentioned social accountability as one of the greatest tools that helps you join communities such as Spark People or LFconnect, providing you with different ways to get in shape. These days, we have mobile apps – Fitocracy and Teemo – that deliver a feel of gamification and create challenges with your friends. Moreover, with Gympact, you can take the full responsibility of your fitness, and in case of absence, you will be charged a real cash every single time.

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