What is Paleo Diet and its Benefits


What is Paleo Diet?

According to the Paleo Diet theory, modern humans should consume the same food that their ancestors used to hunt, gather and eat. Today’s dietary is mostly processed and bad for health, which is why the obesity is increasing. there are many diseases that are linked to the modern-day foods, particularly grains, dairy and other processed food, especially the fast food.

How it Works

If you ask about what is Paleo diet, you must also get to know that Paleo is about consuming a healthy, non-processed diet, mainly based on lean protein, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits etc. Sugary, fatty, processed and calorie-enriched foods should be avoided at all costs.

There are also some versions of Paleo Diet, which are a bit flexible as they allow people to have dairy like cheese and butter and some tubers like potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Several studies show that Paleo Diet plans help loss weight and fat by significantly reducing waist and love handles. Paleo dieters eat fewer carbs and more protein with an overall low calorie diet that help them gain maximum benefits from this type of dieting. Many people add Whey Protein supplement to their Paleo Diet to maximize their results. A good Whey Protein (Recommended Protein Source: Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard) helps with both muscle building and fat loss.

Other Benefits

Paleo also helps reduce risk factors of heart diseases and allows people to have balanced cholesterol and sugar levels. So, after knowing what is Paleo Diet, you wouldn’t want to go for any other diet.

The Downside

This diet, however, eliminate whole grains, dairy and legumes. Thus, Paleo Diet plans unnecessarily eliminate various healthy and nutritious food options.

Bottom Line

The answer to what is Paleo Diet is simple. Paleo Diet plans revolve around eating whole foods and staying away from dairy and grains. Thus, Paleo Diet has several great health benefits including weight loss.

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