Why do We Love Super-Sexy Krystal Lavenne


If you look up on the internet for female fitness models, you won’t be disappointed because the web will turn in hundreds of thousands of hot bodies and pretty faces. But are all these amazing-looking chicks as good, or as fun as they seem to be in real life? Cant’ say, right? So who to follow? Well, there are a few super-amazing girls that stay fit and promote healthy lifestyle while being super-fun at the same time. Krystal Lavenne is one of those few girls who have a heart as pretty as their face. or bodies. or anything else.

I have been following K Lavenne for quite a few years now, and the reason to follow are many. All of us, who adore Krystal, have got many reasons why we love her but here are the top 7 behind why we think she is awesome:

Krystal Lavenne is super-witty

If you havent watched Krystal Lavenne Generation Iron videos, go watch them. Her videos arent just informative but super-fun, thanks to her witty style. Krystal Lavenne has re-defined the hosting of YouTube videos with her non-traditional way of talking (and everything else, starting from dancing, to singing, to mimicking, to flexing her ripped biceps and what not).

Here’s one of many Krystal Lavenne Generation Iron videos:

Her colorful mohawk

And the amazing this is that, she looked as pretty before getting a mohawk:

She has the smile to die for

You won’t just notice her gorgeous smile while watching Krystal Lavenne Generation Iron videos, but Krystal Lavenne Instagram photos would also take your breath away. Just look at any of the Krystal Lavenne Instagram photos and you would see that despite of how bizarre she acts while taking her selfies, she is still always a girl with the loveliest smile.

Krystal has a Great Booty…I Mean Body

The craziest thing about K Lavenne is that she keeps on surprizing you with her beauty. Just look at Krystal Lavenne bio, Krystal Lavenne Wiki, or Krystal Lavenne Wikipedia, and you’ll know that she is just perfect in every way. You would usually find her in non-girly clothes, rocking a mohawk, hanging out with the boys, but her beauty will stay intact. You would see that it’s not just her smile that is cute but her body is amazing too! Whether it is Krystal Lavenne’s Legs, arms or the abs, everything seems just in the right proportion. And yes, that also includes her glutes and ta-tas. If you havent already checked the image galleries out of Krystal Lavenne bio, Krystal Lavenne Wiki, or Krystal Lavenne Wikipedia, just look at the following IG photo and YouTube video:

She is Super-Humble

You wont believe when I’ll tell you that Krystal replies to her fans’ messages. Yes, that’s true and I talk with proof. This was way before I even got the idea of starting out a bodybuilding website of my own. I used to follow K Lavenne on Twitter, and one day I saw a fresh tweet of her’s and decided to post a comment on it. To my surprize, she imediately replied to my comment!

Not only that she was super-humble a few years ago, but she is still the same as I recently tweeted her asking for an interview and she said yes! And on that note, allow me to announce that I am interviewing Krystal very soon for PlanetGainz! You would be able to read the whole interview as soon as it’s ready. Exciting stuff, ain’t it!

She is a Badass

While watching Krystal Lavenne Generation Iron videos you will never be able to figure out that Krystal once had breast cancer. She is so lively and healthy that she has become a role model to all the women out there fighting breast cancer. Krystal, once a breast cancer survivor, lives a super-strong and fun life today.

She is Super-Cute

This one is a no-brainer, so I wont talk too much about it. I would leave this Krystal Lavenne Instagram photo here for you:

She is “Everything Bodybuilding”

Last but certainly not the least, Krystal Lavenne is “everything bodybuilding”. If you don’t know what this means than you haven’t watched Krystal Lavenne Generation Iron videos or just not read enough of Krystal Lavenne Wiki. But no need to go anywhere, just check this video out:

And in the end, I’ll leave this Krystal Lavenne Instagram photo here, ‘cause, why not?

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