Getting into the Gym with No Plan – Gym Mistakes Series


They say your muscles will grow more if you shock them. I don’t disagree with that. However, there is another theory that says you should keep your body guessing what exercises you would do until you start performing them, which means that you keep on switching things up.

Again, I don’t disagree with that but shuffling things up on a daily is no act of a wise. Getting into the gym without a plan or an unwritten plan is the worst thing you’ll do to your body.

Disadvantages of Switching Things too Much

Now there are many disadvantages of getting into the gym without a proper plan and switching exercises up to often. First of all, you must train a muscle group on a regular basis to have it developed. For instance, if you did rear delts today, then you must perform rear delts again next week, if not before that.

If you did rear delts today and will work on front delts or traps next week on the say day, you might be able to shock the muscle but what good that would do to your delts? Neither would your front delt grow nor your rear delts will have any development.

Higher Chances of Injury

The more frequently you shock your muscle by rapidly changing your exercises and techniques, the higher the chances of getting injured. The reasoning behind this claim is simple. You did heavy back chest workout yesterday and your chest and triceps are still sore today, and you are now going in for a tricep workout. Aren’t you over stressing your muscles now?

You are about to train the muscle that is already broken down and in the process of recovering through your muscle building diet plan. What would this do? It will simply lead you to a road where you will end up injuring yourself.

So, plan out your workouts smartly and don’t switch them up too often. If you have an intense chest workout on Monday, schedule your tricep workout on Wednesday. If you have your killer leg day on Friday, don’t perform deadlifts on Saturday. If you have arms destruction on Thursdays, let your forearms recover on Wednesdays. Stay safe.

Your Muscles Will Stop Growing

Yes, by trying out different exercises everyday you are shocking your muscle. But is shocking the muscle all that you must do to have it grow? No. what you are doing is counterproductive. You do have to hit all of your body parts from every angle but not each angle on a different day of the week on various occasions. If you want, you can plan your workouts in a way that you can train your body using different techniques on the very day you are supposed to train the particular body part.

For example, if you want to train shoulders, perform front delt raises, rear delt raises, dumbbell presses and barbell shrugs on one day. You can perform side delt raises, barbell presses and a few other shoulder exercises on another day. By doing this, you will not only train your shoulders adequately, but also will not over-train them ever.

Final Words

Remember, making a solid workout plan for a whole week/month is extremely critical as following a set of exercises on a regular basis is what that’ll make
your body transform.

Changing things up every once in a while will have you run in circles and you would only ask yourself what are you doing wrong. Talking about a solid workout muscle building diet plan, here’s one that is not just a workout program but also a muscle building diet plan.

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