How To Lose Weight With Wearable Tech

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If you are one of them who have invested in a smartwatch and now wanting to lose some extra pounds, but don’t how to actually harness the power of these fitness trackers? This article is for you!

5,000 steps will do

Just about any tracker or wearable that you have invested in will function as a pedometer, making your 5,000-10,000 steps per day target a no-problem. Irrefutably, almost any exercise will help you improve your insulin sensitivity, which is known as a measure of how your body is at processing and utilizing excess glucose.

Therefore, if by any means you’re managing 5,000 steps per day, then according to some recent studies on healthcare progression, you’ll improve your IS threefold. In fact, at 5,000 steps, which is reasonable, can provide a significant impact on someone’s insulin sensitivity and ability to burn carbohydrates.

Learn to resist

Learning to resist temptation and desires is a great backbone to a weight loss goal. All you need to do is to start pairing wearable with resistance training, and you’ll see pounds dropping off. However, it is very important to know the actual resistance training and how we can use wearables to help measure it.

It is quite a luckless news for the gym-phobic individuals because we’re talking about weight training. All we are supposed to do for resistance training is to oppose force with a resistance band, a machine with pulleys, or by pull ups, press ups, squats, so forth.

Interval training

There is nothing more effective in terms of losing extra pounds then cycling, swimming, or running. Because not only these interval training boost your metabolism, break fat blocks, but they don’t require you to switch discipline completely when losing weight.

The key point to remember is, when you’re going for high-intensity interval training, you won’t rest between the exercises. Because interval training demands you to take short rests between intense repetitions of one particular exercise.

Dietary details

Undeniably, you can lose extra pounds just by improving your diet routine, however, the story isn’t quite as real as you might think.

It all starts with the right calories count and shifting the kinds of food you’re consuming at each meal. As a general rule, if you are a little bit overweight, you can reduce carbohydrates intake and increase proteins. To get leaner, you have tough journeys to pass and that’s when reducing calories comes in. However at the beginning, the counting is needless, and making better food choices and exercise is the big difference maker.

Watch your water intake

Lastly, we cannot ignore our daily water intake, as it’s equally possible to track using mobile apps. And, in case you’re not going well with hydration, start on getting a solid 1.5-2 liters of water per day.

According to recent healthcare studies conducted in New Zealand University, taking adequate water not only can help you control calories because also it stops you choosing sweeter alternatives, helping you prevent muscle fatigue and increased carbohydrates.

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