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casein protein

What is Casein Protein?

There are two types of protein that are made from milk and Casein is one of them. Casein protein carries the same amino acid profile as whey protein, however, whey is absorbed in our bodies in a different manner. Casein protein offers a wide range of amino acids that are essential for muscle development via achieving better protein synthesis instead of protein breakdown.

 What Does Casein Do?

A good casein protein supplement is usually created from skimmed milk in order to reduce lactose and fat while offering a full profile of slow release proteins.

When you take casein protein, it heightens up your blood amino acids for longer periods of time and this includes the Isoleucine, Valine and branch chain amino acids. When casein is turned in to protein powder, it becomes a slower-acting protein form which our bodies absorb at a different rate than standard whey protein. This process helps our bodies avoid protein breakdown. While whey protein increases blood amino acids at a faster pace and allows quick protein synthesis, casein protein does the same thing but at a slower rate, making the protein stay in the body and provide its benefits for a longer period of time.

Nonetheless, it is important to know that while whey protein powders offer higher blood amino acid peak levels, casein’s peak is far less impressive. There are a number of whey protein supplements that are far superior in peak, some of which you can find in this list of top 10 whey protein supplements. However, casein balances this shortcoming by slowing down the protein breakdown, which is one of the core elements when it comes to allowing the body develop new and/or improved muscle.

Should You Take Casein?

Now, if you are looking for the answer to whether or not you should take casein instead of whey, because a lot of people are confused when they have casein vs whey protein, then the answer may vary for you. Each person’s body is different and each person’s goals are different. Casein is ideal if your last meal before bed is not protein enriched. Since your body needs protein to repair the muscle you break down during your workouts, your last meal of the day should be packed with protein. This will allow your body to recover and grow as you sleep. So, if your last meal doesn’t have adequate protein in it, then you should definitely go for a casein protein.

Casein Protein VS Whey Protein

Casein protein is also best for you if you have long intervals between your meals, specially your lunch and dinner. Your muscles require energy throughout the day which can be fulfilled by eating balanced meals throughout the day, consisting of high protein and moderate carbs and fats (generally). So, when you are taking long break from eating; casein protein can just be the aid you need to ensure your muscles are well-fueled.

How to Consume Casein Protein

It is recommended that casein protein supplement should be taken in combination with whey protein supplement. However, the combination never means that you mix the two proteins together and consume at once. Casein is a coagulant and slows the rate of absorption, which cuts down the whey’s potency. So, you can take whey protein before workout and casein protein after workout – or you can go other way around. Nonetheless, the best timings to use whey and casein is; whey before/after workout and casein protein before bedtime.

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